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Michelle Green Shares Great Advice She Learned From Dr. Tom Prichard And Lady Gaga

Michelle Green has absorbed valuable knowledge throughout her international travels.

Over the last year, the “Swiss Sensation” made her way to several countries, including her home of Switzerland, the United States, Austria, and Germany. In addition, Green trained in Mexico, learning the lucha style of wrestling. It was in her ventures in the United States, though, that the world traveler believes she received two key pieces of advice.

Speaking with WrestleZone’s own Ella Jay, Michelle Green revealed some wisdom bestowed upon her from JP Wrestling Academy co-founder, Dr. Tom Prichard. Alongside Glenn Jacobs — also known as Kane — Prichard serves as a trainer at the wrestling school in Knoxville, Tennessee, where Green trained for a while.

“Dr. Tom, I treasure him a lot,” Green said. ” I’ve been training at JPWA for about one and a half years, and it just really helped me piece together all these little nuggets of wisdom and wrestling learnings that I had had into becoming a wrestler. He just always says to keep going and to keep believing. And I think he says, about the people that do the rain dance, that they just keep on dancing until it rains. So you just need to keep going and grinding and working harder. It’s very motivating. I appreciate his guidance a lot.”

Green continued, sharing another important concept that has propelled her through aspects of her promos and in-ring work.

“I think, if I may add, what he also says is that there’s always someone watching. So I’ve cut a promo for every each and every one of my 62 matches that I’ve had. The ones that were announced, if it was on short notice, that’s a bit more tricky to handle. I always try to challenge myself even more in creating content and becoming a better wrestler each day.”

“It doesn’t matter how many people see what you’re doing,” she continued. “To quote Lady Gaga in that famous quote, ‘you really only just need one person to give you that one shot and then be ready.’ So just got to keep honing your craft.”

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