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Mike Bailey Reveals Why His Nickname Is ‘Speedball’

Mike Bailey has an interesting nickname and he loves the fact that someone else gave it to him.

During a recent interview on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey was asked how he got his nickname. Several things might come to mind when fans hear the moniker, but Bailey says it’s actually linked to boxing.

“A speedball is a piece of boxing equipment that you hit and it rebounds. And the reason that I was nicknamed ‘Speedball’ Bailey is because — his name is Michael Ryan, he wrote about Montreal wrestling. He since passed away but in one of my earlier matches, he described me as bouncing around the ring like a speedball,” Bailey explained. “And a big part of the reason why I love that nickname is because I didn’t give it to myself, which is very rare in the [wrestling business today]. 

“Yes, [people usually pick names that sell merchandise] and it sounds pretty badass. Usually it’s like ‘the monster’ … and Speedball I like, because it begs the question, ‘What is a Speedball?’ It’s more interesting.”

Van Vliet mentioned that he thinks of Sonic The Hedgehog because of an in-game move, and Bailey said he agrees with the concept in theory. 

“That’s not the right [connection] but it’s the right kind of imagery. It’s still within the realm of what it’s supposed to represent,” Bailey added.

Bailey spoke with WrestleZone earlier this year about wanting to prove himself and put his name in the conversation for best wrestler in the world.

“I honestly won’t be satisfied until I’m very clearly in the discussions for one of the best wrestlers in the world, which I don’t feel that I am quite yet but I’m certain that I will get there eventually,” Bailey said. “Great…but still, I’ve only accomplished a tiny bit of what I am to. I feel like…it may seem like I’m doing a lot because I am keeping myself very busy but I want to do absolutely everything, I want to wrestle absolutely everyone and I have not done…there’s still so many people in IMPACT that I said I wanted to wrestle right from the beginning that I have not gotten to yet. It’ll take me probably a couple years where I can work myself up to a spot where I can say that I’m starting to be satisfied and I’m happy with my position.”

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