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Sami Zayn Believes Being Part Of The Bloodline Makes Him One Of The Cool Kids

Sami Zayn is having a career year with WWE in 2022, thanks to helping revitalize The Bloodline faction storyline in recent months.

The Honorary Uce Sami Zayn recently sat down with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked what the secret is to his newfound success in WWE, Zayn believes it just comes down to commitment.

“It’s a full-blown commitment to what I’m doing,” Sami Zayn said. “That’s the best answer I can give.”

Many members of the WWE Universe have pointed to Sami Zayn’s match with Johnny Knoxville as one of the best matches of the year; they also believe his involvement with The Bloodline has revitalized the ongoing story on SmackDown. Zayn believes many things that happened this year for him weren’t predicted to work out as they did.

“Some of these things weren’t predicted to work as they did,” Sami Zayn said. “I don’t mean to get too philosophical with wrestling theory, but it extends to everything we’re doing. You have to put value on it, or else you can’t ask the fans to give you that value in return.”

Zayn believes one of the reasons The Bloodline story has drawn the attention of the WWE Universe is because the plot is so good, and people are excited to see what’s next.

“It’s hard to articulate it, but some of these moments might not sound right on paper,” Sami Zayn said. “Maybe some people felt that way during the Johnny Knoxville match with the Jackass guys at WrestleMania, or in my acceptance with The Bloodline, but for me, it’s all about treating every moment with importance.

“If it’s not important, why should the fans care? If I had said, ‘Logan Paul? This guy’s not even from here. He’s just a YouTuber and he doesn’t deserve our respect,’ then it’s over. That’s not how I looked at it. I thought working with him was like hitting a gold mine. I was doing a conspiracy thing where I was trying to make a documentary, and my character found this outside person with a global reach. So we put importance on him from the jump. And The Bloodline thing isn’t working just because of me. It’s everyone’s commitment to it. That’s what’s making it so interesting and so enjoyable.”

While Sami Zayn started off 2022 as a heel, he’s evolved into one of the most popular babyfaces in the company due to his story with The Bloodline. Zayn believes that just comes down to the fact that he’s telling a story the WWE Universe can relate to.

“Part of why the cheers rolled in for me with The Bloodline quicker than I expected, to be honest, is because it’s so earnest. You can see the desire to be with these people is genuine. It’s a very relatable story, but not in an unattainable way,” Sami Zayn said. “You’re finally hanging out with the cool kids, and you realize they’re not that different.

“On paper, maybe people would think I don’t fit in on the top of the card. But I believe I’m pretty good at this. It’s so hard to separate a healthy dose of self-confidence from my delusions, but from an early age, even when I wasn’t that good, my performances stood out. Even in the church basement in front of 60 people in Montreal, it worked.”

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