Mogul Affiliates Swerve Strickland AEW Dynamite
Image Credit: AEW

Rick Ross Appears, Mogul Affiliates Debuts On 12/21 AEW Dynamite

Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland have finally had their much-anticipated meeting in the ring, with none other than superstar artist Rick Ross on hand to mediate.

After being at odds with one another for months following respectively abandoning each other in matches, the two met in the ring to try and figure out a solution to their issues with one another. In the ring, Strickland said that the two of them should have owned everything, but he can’t keep doing things Keith’s way anymore, and Lee never has his eye on the ball, the tag titles, or his health.

Instead, Strickland said, Lee should keep his eyes on the back of his head now. It was then that Parker Boudreaux (who was last seen as a member of the Trustbusters on AEW) suddenly attacked Lee from behind.

Lee quickly knocked him to the ground with a clothesline, but another man in a Mogul Affiliates t-shirt attacked Lee again, and after knocking down Lee, the group put a cinderblock on his chest and propped him up on the steel steps, where Strickland Swerve Stomped him in shocking fashion.

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