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Rich Swann Explains Why He Chose To Re-Sign With IMPACT Wrestling

Many fans were surprised to learn that Rich Swann had signed a new deal with IMPACT Wrestling, but it’s precisely where he wants to be.

IMPACT Wrestling’s Rich Swann was a recent guest on INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about who pulled him aside to give him advice when he first joined IMPACT Wrestling, Swann credited Don Callis, Scott D’Amore, D’Lo Brown, and Tommy Dreamer for helping him find his way.

“There’s a couple people like Don Callis, Scott D’Amore, D’Lo Brown, Tommy Dreamer, like those four for me were definitely like the guys like it’s well known about what happened with me and everything like that. But once those guys helped me pull my head out of my ass and showed me the way,” Rich Swann said. “I’ll never forget that, and those guys, they know this business in and out, and they helped me tremendously.”

When asked how he came to the decision to re-sign with IMPACT Wrestling, Swann believes being part of helping a company grow that many people wrote off years ago makes him feel like he’s doing something right in the industry.

“Right now, wrestling is just like I said, there’s so much of everything of all forms of entertainment, and wrestling right now is prospering,” Rich Swann said. “Like you have your AEW that’s doing great. You have WWE that’s turned around, turned a new leaf, and they’re doing great, and IMPACT Wrestling, the experience that I had ever since I started with IMPACT in 2018, has been nothing but love, nothing but prospering, nothing but watching the company grow into what it is today.

“And to be a part of that and helping that after all the years of people saying, ‘Oh, IMPACT’s gonna die. Oh, TNA is dead.’ To be a part of that. You know what I’m saying? And helping it come back up to where it’s at today. Right there makes me feel good. And like I said, it lets me know that I’m doing something right in this industry.”

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