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Rich Swann Was Elated After IMPACT World Title Win, Proved Doubters And Naysayers Wrong

Rich Swann felt validation in winning the IMPACT World Championship.

During a recent interview on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Rich Swann spoke about winning the IMPACT World Championship. Swann said his title win gave him a chance to show his critics that they were wrong about him, and he’s so happy he got the chance to represent IMPACT as the champion.

“So personally, man, it just, it made me feel like all the doubters and the naysayers and the people that said ‘hey, you’re not gonna make it in this business as anything, because you’re 5 foot 6, you’re 175 pounds.’ ‘Oh, you’ll never be…’ I was able to show that gold and put it in their face. And you know, personally and professionally, professionally you know, it definitely put me at another level. I was able to wrestle one of the most revered wrestlers in our industry today, Kenny Omega, in a high profile Main Event match, you know what I’m saying. Two companies came together, AEW and IMPACT Wrestling, one pay-per-view, one ring, two world titles. I would have never gotten an opportunity wrestling in other places, and I was just, you know, elated.”

Rich Swann held the IMPACT World Championship for 183 days before losing to Kenny Omega in a “Winner Takes All match” at Rebellion 2021. Since then, Swann has gone on to hold IMPACT’s Impact Digital Media Championship.

Swann recently announced he signed a multi-year extension with IMPACT Wrestling; read more about what went into making his decision here.

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