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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Dax Harwood Believes CM Punk Never Fell Out Of Love With Wrestling, Proposed His Own Full-Time Schedule

Dax Harwood believes CM Punk never truly fell out of love with wrestling.

The professional wrestling world erupted in celebration when CM Punk made his return to the business in August 2021. After more than seven years away from the sport, the “Straight Edge Savior” entered All Elite Wrestling. Along the way, he tackled many new, and established stars, while resuming a full-time schedule.

Fellow AEW talent Dax Harwood revealed that Punk actually proposed the schedule. “It sounds like I’m kissing his ass, but it was his idea to wrestle that much. He wasn’t supposed to,” Harwood said on FTR with Dax Harwood. “He had a limited number of matches, but he just became enthralled in wrestling again, and he loved it so much.”

“I don’t think he ever lost love. I think that guys like us who love wrestling as much as we love wrestling, never stop loving it. Sometimes you stop loving the feeling you get after wrestling,” he admitted.

Harwood continued, using Bret Hart as an example. “I talked to Bret [Hart] all the time. He still loves wrestling, he watched a match without even having to ask. He watched the match with Claudio and I, and he sent me this long, detailed text message about he put it over. Then, he also talked about what he would have done and how he could how he thought it could have been better. But he did that because he loved it. He did the same thing with my match with Bryan Danielson, the exact same thing. He did it because he loved it.”

“Bret hasn’t wrestled since. Hasn’t really wrestled since 2000, right at the end of ’99. So, guys like us never fall out of love. We just, we maybe get disenchanted at times, but never fall out of love.”

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