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Taya Valkyrie: IMPACT’s Roster Is A Bunch Of Misfit Toys, We Have To Work A Lot Harder To Get Recognition

Taya Valkyrie knows what makes the Knockouts roster special.

During a recent interview on the Retro Chat podcast, Taya Valkyrie was asked what she believes makes the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts roster stand out most. Valkyrie compared the roster to a group of outcasts, noting that they work extremely hard for opportunities but they also have the trust of IMPACT’s office.

“I definitely think that we are just overall as a roster, and I’m going to say this for all of IMPACT — we are a bunch of misfit toys and we all just have to work a lot harder sometimes to get the recognition when we’re putting out a lot of work. And so I just think that sets us apart, to be completely honest, and for the women, we are given time,” Valkyrie said.

“You will see more than one women’s match on an IMPACT show, on a pay-per-view. The tag team titles are being pushed at the forefront, along with multiple Knockouts matches from grudge matches to deathmatches to Last Woman Standing and Ultimate X, Queen Of The Mountain and all of this stuff,” she noted. “That’s what sets us apart. We have the trust of the people behind the scenes to do the work and we never disappoint.”

The “misfit toys” comparison was used by Sami Callihan in the past, as he noted that IMPACT has one of the best rosters in wrestling and they always come through.

“What can I do next? What can I do bigger? What can I do better?” Sami Callihan asked. “I look at Impact Wrestling; I think we have unquestionably one of the best rosters in all of professional wrestling. Right now, we’re the island of misfit toys. When the chips are down, we always come through. We have some of the best PPVs and wrestling on a weekly basis.”

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