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Danhausen Is The New King Of AEW And He Has A List Of Demands For Tony Khan

All hail King Danhausen… or you will be cursed!

Danhausen is the best-selling wrestler of 2022 on Pro Wrestling Tees. Not only did he beat current AEW World Champion MJF, but he also beat the Pepsi Man. Now that he is #1 for the year (and hasn’t let this new power go to his head), he shared a new video on Twitter to commemorate the achievement… and he has a list of demands for Tony Khan.

“Look at who is above them on the top of the mountain… That’s weird. Hah… we’ve got The Acclaimed on here, Jon Moxley, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Chris Judas… Lots of big names on here. Big names who had lots more television time than Danhausen, all year! And guess who beat ‘em! This [throws stacks of money on the floor] doesn’t matter to Danhausen,” he said. “[I] came to AEW to take over television and he’s had about what, thirty minutes all year? Money is power and now Danhausen has all the power, and this is proof. So here, we’re going to make a list of demands for… Tony Khan, yeah, that’s it!

“One — Danhausen shall be on the side of the trucks, those ones that drive down the highway. Those are nice. Then, we will have Danhausen on the billboards and you can see them from those highways. And then, Danhausen will be in the opening of Dynamite and Rampage, AND the commercials on television! How about that? That sounds pretty good too.”

The Very Nice, Very Evil One also said that this milestone means he will finally get his blimp, as well as a live microphone on television.

“Instead of treating Danhausen like the jester of AEW, a mascot if you will, we’re going to treat Danhausen like what he is — the King of AEW!”

Danhausen recently appeared on the Zero Hour portion of the Full Gear pay-per-view, teaming with Best Friends, Orange Cassidy and Rocky Romero to defeat The Factory’s Aaron Solo, Cole Karter, Lee Johnson, Nick Comoroto & QT Marshall. His last televised wrestling match was an appearance in the AEW World Title #1 Contendership Grand Slam Golden Ticket Battle Royal on September 21, and his last televised singles match was against Ethan Page on the September 14 episode of AEW Rampage.

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