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Jeff Jarrett Sets The Record Straight On Max Caster, ‘Stealing Kurt Angle’s Wife’ And Being Forced Out Of TNA

Jeff Jarrett says receipts are going to be handed out.

During the latest episode of‘s My World podcast, Jeff Jarrett went in-depth about Max Caster bringing up his wife in a recent rap on AEW Dynamite. Caster mentioned Jarrett “stealing Kurt Angle’s wife” and said Jeff was fighting for relevancy, and Jeff wanted to set the record straight about the relationship and why Caster had it all wrong.

“I’ve heard a bunch of old-timers live by the creed, ‘don’t mess with my family and don’t mess with my money.’ And Max did both. He messed with my family and my money. Conrad, and you know probably as well as anybody I’ll say, the real truth. And look — Karen is a personality — but the whole thing that I’m stealing Kurt Angle’s wife, that is a generation removed and I want to set the record straight. And this is with all due respect — I’ve kept my mouth shut for 10, 12 years, for two reasons: Kyra Angle and Kody Angle. They’re old enough now, they know the absolute truth, but me stealing Kurt’s wife is the furthest thing from the truth. The fact of the matter is when we hired Kurt Angle — I say we, meaning me and Dixie Carter because she’s part of this story — [Kurt and Karen] were legally separated. They weren’t living under the same roof. Enough is enough, we’re 13 years removed from it and I would think Kurt is sick and tired of it too, because he Tweeted and tried to get in AEW business. He tweeted and that’s why I said I wanted to address this.

“He tweeted, ‘When you got to use my name to get heat after 12 years…’ Kurt Angle, you think I need your name to get heat after 12 years? You’re a f— Conrad [don’t interrupt!] You’re delusional Kurt, and I am sick and tired of my wife having to go through this pain. Conrad, you know the names. I’m not going to say the names, I respect that, the past is the past and there’s a lot of disaster marriages, it happens all of the time. But for Max Caster to pour gasoline on my wife, I’m done with that. I’m so done with that, and I’m not done [with Max]. And people say, ‘Oh well you work the storyline’ — here’s the real situation. Yeah, I got sent home and the whole world, including Max Caster thinks, ‘Oh yeah you got sent home because of that whole disaster, Bubba The Love Sponge’ or whatever it was… the fact of the matter is Dixie Carter, for the third time, pulled a power play.”

Jarrett explained that Carter previously tried to oust him when his first wife, Jill, was sick. He said the second was about a year later, and the third one was when Kurt was coming in and Jeff “gave her the rope to hang me.”

“She didn’t give two shits about Kurt Angle, she wanted a power play to run the thing. And you know what, that’s exactly what happened and in 24 months, she put the company in a financial death spiral. So her power play got her put, essentially, out of the business.”

Jarrett then said that Vince Russo was also part of the equation, noting that Russo knew the real situation between Kurt and Karen and tried to use it to his own benefit. Jarrett said Russo wanted him to go home because it would allow him to write the show himself, but he didn’t know that Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff were coming in and he would have to answer to them as well.

Jarrett then turned his attention back to Max Caster and said that he had it all wrong about Global Force Gold and Jeff still being relevant.

“I’m not speaking on behalf of my wife, I’m defending my wife. Max Caster, you crossed a line. Pal, you have no idea the can of worms you opened. None. A receipt is coming on Wednesday, I assure you that.

And you want to talk about Global Force Gold? Saying that I haven’t been relevant since 2004? Really, Max? I guess I’ve been in two Hall Of Fames since then, I guess I started a company and got it up where it was making $6, $8 and $10 million a year, it was making over $50 million gross, and you’re saying I’m irrelevant? You’re damn right I’m 55. What 55-year-old can get hired? I look better than you today at 55 than you’ll ever look in your man life. I damn sure work better, but that ain’t saying much. I’ll get to the fraud you are in a minute, but you want to talk about me being relevant? Hey, I made a lot of screw-ups. It was a marketing initiative and I got paid well for a start-up company. Maybe the aesthetics, maybe the presentation sucked — not maybe, they did! But you want to take pot-shots, a young punk like you, Max? Are you out of your freakin’ mind?”

Jarrett went on to say that Max is screwing with his money and The Acclaimed would be irrelevant without Billy Gunn.

“Your mom probably banged the equipment manager from the New York Jets, there ain’t no way your dad’s an NFL football player. Zero chance. The athletic ability, and you’ve got 50 percent DNA from a professional athlete? I call B.S. Has anyone ever seen Max with his father? No! It’s a myth, it’s a fraud, it’s completely B.S., it never happened, just like his music career.”

Jeff closed by calling Caster a fraud and emphasized that Karen Jarrett has no business with AEW, so “multiple receipts” are coming on Wednesday.

“You think I’m working? You think this is a podcast? You think this is blah, blah, blah. You’ll find out, I assure you that.”

Later on in the show, Conrad then said that he assumed there was some kind of storyline element to this when Kurt tweeted his response, but Jarrett said it wasn’t the case.

“He works for WWE. It’s not like me and Kurt and working a storyline. He’s the father of the kids in my house. So on that level, and I always will, I’ll make peace. I’ve screwed up in every relationship imaginable. My wife, my kids, my father, my mother, I’ve screwed up. But enough is enough. He wants to say that I need his double-knee replacement ass to get heat? Are you kidding me?”

Conrad clarified that he thought Angle’s reply was in response to Caster, not Jarrett, but Jeff said he’s sick of talking about it.

“The hashtag is #MoveOn, what does Max have to move on [from]?” Jarrett said. “Max wants to come out with all of this B.S., I’m going to defend my wife. I didn’t steal Kurt Angle’s wife. Conrad, I’ll just put a bow in this — Max Caster, a completely different generation — when does the madness and the bullshit and the lies and us taking the high road, over and over and over and over — Dixie Carter looking like the queen of the ball and Vince Russo… they’re all evil as shit.“

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