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Josh Alexander Shares The Next Record He’d Like To Set As IMPACT World Champion

Josh Alexander is playing the numbers game.

During a recent interview with WrestleZone, Josh Alexander spoke about setting a record with his current IMPACT World Championship reign. Now that he’s surpassed Bobby Roode’s record for the longest world title reign ever, is there another milestone that he wants to reach as champion?

“My wrestling student actually messaged me today and he said, if you go to 305, you’ll eclipse any champion ever in the history of TNA or IMPACT. Jeff Jarrett’s reign was 305 days long as the NWA Heavyweight Champion [when the title was still sanctioned by TNA Wrestling]. So I guess that’s the next number to chase for me. If I can get a year out of this and have a yearlong title reign and pro wrestling, which is so rare,” Alexander noted, “that’s something that’s a goal to set, but all these things are kind of out of my hands.”

Jeff Jarrett’s NWA World Championship reign lasted from June 2, 2004 to April 3, 2005. The next longest men’s singles championship reign belongs to Austin Aries, who held the X Division title for 301 days. Alexander also holds the record for the longest tag team championship reign at 380 days with Ethan Page.

Josh Alexander paid tribute to Kurt Angle at Slammiversary with his ring gear, and he was asked about Angle’s title record of 608 combined days as champion over six reigns. Alexander said it seems impossible, but he’s up for the challenge.

“It seems insurmountable right now, you know what I mean? [With me] being at 257 and just looking at that big 608 number. But yeah, I’ll embrace all of it,” Alexander stated. “I’ll take all the challenges if I can go down the history books, eclipsing even someone like my hero, Kurt Angle. I’ll. I’ll face it head on.”

Josh Alexander defends his IMPACT World Championship against Bully Ray at IMPACT Wrestling’s Hard To Kill pay-per-view on Friday, January 13. Check out our full video interview with Josh at the top of this post, including what he wants fans to take away from Full Metal Mayhem, a tease for his ring gear and more.

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