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Josh Alexander Teases His Hard To Kill Ring Gear

There are no guarantees in pro wrestling but it sounds like a safe bet to say There Will Be Blood at IMPACT Wrestling’s next pay-per-view event.

Josh Alexander recently spoke with WrestleZone about defending the IMPACT World Championship against Bully Ray in a Full Metal Mayhem match at Hard To Kill on January 13.


Prior to his Slammiversary title defense against Eric Young, Josh Alexander offered a tease about his ring gear and said it had some nods to Kurt Angle and other TNA legends. This time, WrestleZone’s Bill Pritchard asked if he was planning anything special for Hard To Kill. Alexander said he’s not paying tribute to anyone specific, but hinted that his attire will compliment the brutality of the Full Metal Mayhem match itself.

“I have a new set of gear. It’s not paying tribute to anything really from the past of IMPACT Wrestling. It’s more just I knew with Full Metal Mayhem coming up, it’s special gear. I think Bully Ray embodies everything that’s wrong with pro wrestling, if not IMPACT Wrestling with his attitude and all this other stuff,” Alexander noted, “be it in front or behind the curtain. And me, as much as I might get dogged on it for every once in a while, I try to remain as humble and grounded as possible. If I can be the light in this business, I think you might see me draped in white for that match at Full Metal Mayhem.”

Pritchard noted that more often than not, wrestlers wearing all-white in major matches usually means they will be covered in blood by the end of the night. Alexander

“I mean, from match to match, have you ever really seen a match of mine on a pay-per-view where I haven’t bled in some capacity anyway? [laughs] It wouldn’t be shocking,” Alexander stated.

IMPACT Wrestling Hard To Kill takes place on Friday, January 13 at Center Stage in Atlanta.

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