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Jessie Godderz Wins OVW National Title, Compares His New Stable To The nWo And Four Horsemen

Jessie Godderz is once again the OVW National Heavyweight Champion and he is putting his stable in the same category as some heavy hitters.

The 2023 OVW Nightmare Rumble saw Jessie Godderz regain the OVW National Heavyweight Championship. Godderz, a former IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champion, is now in his second reign as National Heavyweight Champion. He also formed a new stable which he’s calling The Godderz Gang, consisting of the following members:

  • Jessie Godderz
  • EC3
  • OVW Heavyweight Champion Mahabali Shera
  • OVW Rush Division Champion “Certified” Luke Kurtis
  • Adam Revolver
  • Shannon The Dude

Godderz also commented on the title win and new allegiance, writing the following:

“HAPPY NEW YEAR…TO MYSELF!!! FINALLY, MY OVW National Heavyweight Championship Title is back around my waist. Or should I say…back around my 8 PACK ABS!!! I told you it would happen. It was just a matter of time. Everything is right with the world once again. Also, you just witnessed the coming together of THEE MOST DOMINANT, MOST DESTRUCTIVE, and MOST POWERFUL FACTION in Wrestling History,” Godderz said.

“Never before have such EXTRAORDINARY talent from around the world all formed a single union this strong and this devastating,” he added. “Every single member of THE GODDERZ GANG is a truly an EXCEPTIONAL ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME TALENT! Mark my words, we are going to run roughshod over all of OVW and, frankly, all of wrestling!!! This is a warning to EVERYBODY at OVW and to EVERYBODY in our sport. THE GODDERZ GANG is taking over and there is nothing you can do about it. WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE!!!!!”

Godderz later responded to a fan who asked if this new stable was similar to the nWo, where all of the top names wanted to join. Godderz appreciated the comparison and said his stable is just as dominant as the best in wrestling history.

“YES. That’s an excellent way to put it. Except we are a very exclusive club. We started DOMINATING last night. There is no end in sight,” Godderz wrote. “This is just the beginning. We are like The NWO, The Main Event Mafia, The Four Horsemen. We are THEE BEST! We are putting EVERYONE on notice.”

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