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Eddie Kingston, Jeff Cobb, And More Set For 1/14 NJPW STRONG

New Japan Pro-Wrestling has announced the card for the January 14 episode of NJPW STRONG.

The presentation of the Nemesis series will continue on Saturday. The matches were originally taped at the Nemesis event at The Vermont Hollywood in Los Angeles on December 11.

In the main event, Bad Dude Tito will battle Jeff Cobb. Plus, Team Filthy (Tom Lawlorr, Bobby Fish & Danny Limelight) will clash with Eddie Kingston, David Finlay, and Homicide. Elsewhere on the show, Che Cabrera will take on Mascara Dorada.

The preview, courtesy of NJPW’s official website, is as follows:

Jeff Cobb vs. Bad Dude Tito

A guaranteed hoss fight is in the main event this week as Jeff Cobb takes on TMDK’s Bad Dude Tito. One of the highlights of last year’s G1 Climax was a super heavyweight war between Tito’s partner JONAH and Cobb, a match that Cobb came out on the losing end of. Now the Imperial Unit, having already stepped up to IWGP United States Champion Kenny Omega this year, looks to get some revenge for that loss against a Tito who made a huge splash in 2022 and looks to build on growing popularity with big results in 2023.

Eddie Kingston, Homicide & David Finlay vs. Team Filthy (Tom Lawlor, Bobby Fish & Danny Limelight)

Six man tag team action sees Homicide, David Finlay and Eddie Kingston take on Tom Lawlor Bobby Fish and Danny Limelight. When Lawlor brawled with Homicide in a post match attack in Vegas last autumn, it set up a singles clash between the two on STRONG; though Homicide got the victory, he wasn’t satisfied with a notch in the win column. The Notorious 187 went to stab Lawlor with a fork, leading Limelight to make the save.

A similar feat would seem to await Limelight after his own singles defeat to Homicide, but this time it was the new addition of Bobby Fish that added to the carnage. With Fish being a former training partner of Lawlor’s, it would make sense for him to align with Team Filthy, and the six man match was on. Homicide joins with best friend Kingston and another man not one to back down from a brawl in David Finlay for what will be an intense six man battle.

Mascara Dorada vs. Che Cabrera

It’s a Latin start to STRONG this week as Mascara Dorada takes on Che Cabrera. Both men want to start their 2023 campaigs with a win, and Cabrera in particular wants his first ever win on Saturday nights. Could 2023 be the year of Latino Meat?

WrestleZone will have coverage of the show once it airs on Saturday.

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