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Dax Harwood Would Put The Young Bucks On A Mount Rushmore Of Tag Teams

Despite their differences, Dax Harwood has an immense amount of respect for The Young Bucks.

The Young Bucks were a topic of conversation on the latest episode of FTR with Dax Harwood. During the episode, Harwood speaks about being under the belief that FTR was scheduled to have a winner take all match with The Young Bucks at AEW All Out for all four sets of tag titles.

“I was surprised; me and Cash thought, right or wrong. We thought going into it that it was going to be multiple weeks before we thought that it was going to be us and the Young Bucks to unify all titles winner take all. That’s what we expected,” Dax Harwood said. “I was pretty confident in assuming that, yes, but you know what they say about assuming, but maybe we got some information that was crossed. And that happens in wrestling, that happens in podcasting, that happens in all forms of entertainment, but we expected to wrestle The Young Bucks.”

Dax Harwood went on to reveal that if he were to put together a Mount Rushmore of tag teams in professional wrestling, he would put The Young Bucks on there.

“I was very excited for that match. Because the differences that we have with them stylistically ideology, and even maybe personally, there’s no taking away that if I were going to put, and I’m sure we’ll talk about this one day, if I were going to put together a Mount Rushmore of tag teams, I would put The Young Bucks on there would have them right up there,” Cash Harwood admitted. “Because they have defined a generation of tag team wrestling. They also completely changed a style of tag team wrestling to not a style that Cash and I adopted just because that’s not my cup of tea.

“Also not my forte; I could not do half the shit. I could not do a quarter of the shit they do. They’re incredibly incredible at what they do. But they did change the perception of tag team wrestling. They changed the way tag team wrestling was formatted. And all the differences we may have had in the past from 2016 all the way up to 2022. I can’t take away the fact that they should be on a Mount Rushmore of tag team wrestling. That’s gonna get some people mad at me, and let’s just hope they keep downloading.”

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What do you make of Dax Harwood’s comments? Would you put The Young Bucks on your Mount Rushmore of tag teams? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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