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Taya Valkyrie Describes WWE Run As ‘Bizarre,’ But Praises Triple H’s Initiative In NXT

WWE has seen a massive influx of returning talent since the new regime took control. Tuesday night, however, a major shakeup emerged in the company’s top leadership positions, with Stephanie McMahon resigning her positions as co-CEO and Chairwoman. In her place, Nick Khan gained the single power of CEO, and her father, Vince McMahon, unanimously slid in as Executive Chairman of the Board. As of this writing, Paul “Triple H” Levesque remains the Chief Content Officer.

Prior to the drastic changes, Taya Valkyrie spoke about a possible return to the company. “I’m just like, I don’t know. You know what I mean? I’m in a really good place right now, personally and professionally, that I feel comfortable, I feel challenged, I feel heard, I feel appreciated and stuff like that,” she told Comedy Store Wrestling. After leaving WWE, “La Wera Loca” soared in her free agency. There, she racked up championships across MLW, IMPACT, AAA, and notable indies as well.

Signing with WWE in early 2021, Valkyrie’s experience in the company proved to be “bizarre,” according to her. “It really kind of freaks me out of the idea of thinking about going back there. But, Triple H the whole time I was there, he just loves this business so much and he really is trying to put on the black and gold brand, like something so different and it was so evident. Now having him at the helm of the ship, so to speak, it’s great that other people are getting those opportunities again, and I only hope the best for them and that they do really well and that everyone can grow and thrive and make money like we’re all struggling and working really hard to get noticed. So I mean, all the best.  You never know, you never say never.”

Valkyrie, then known as Franky Monet, received her release from the company in November 2021.

When asked if she’d entertain a conversation with All Elite Wrestling President Tony Khan, Valkyrie’s answer was simple. “I love picking up a phone call and hearing everybody out. Come on, I’m a businesswoman,” Taya Valkyrie stated. In terms of possibly appearing in the promotion, though, the future isn’t so certain. “Everything, in time, will work itself out,” she said.

While Valkyrie’s return to WWE and possibly debut in AEW remain up in the air, she did reveal she’d be “excited” to wrestle Britt Baker.

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