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Backstage Reaction To Rumors Of WWE Sale To Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund

The wrestling world continues to buzz as rumors of a potential WWE sale keep swirling. Fans aren’t the only ones who have expressed their concern, as talent have also reacted to the situation.

On January 10, Stephanie McMahon, the co-CEO of the company, announced her resignation, and Vince McMahon was unanimously voted the Executive Chairman of the Board. The moves came after McMahon returned on January 6. He previously retired on July 22 amid an investigation by the WWE board into allegations of sexual misconduct and hush money, and Stephanie was named the co-CEO along with Nick Khan. Following the news about the vote, multiple outlets reported that WWE agreed in principle to the Saudi Arabia Public Fund, but these reports were subsequently debunked.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select reported that, in speaking with numerous talent, it was clear that they were “very concerned”, though they shot down multiple rumors. Sapp wrote that the general fear comes with the belief that Vince McMahon would work is way back into creative in the event of a sale, and that a deal with Saudi Arabia would be the only way that would happen. Numerous wrestlers reportedly told Fightful they would walk out if the sale to the Saudis happens, while others expressed their belief that there would be a “significant roster pushback” if McMahon returned to creative. Sapp noted that some talent have asked Fightful daily for any updates on that front.

Sapp also emphasized that any rumor of talent being told about a sale is false, as the roster heard about the situation much like everyone else did. He then wrote that WWE sources “emphatically rejected” the rumors of a sale on Wednesday.

WrestleZone will provide more information as it becomes available.

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