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Alisha Edwards Shares How The IMPACT Roster Bonded By Hanging Out ‘Curbside’ In Nashville

Alisha Edwards has fond memories of hanging curbside.

During a recent appearance on GAW TV, Alisha Edwards spoke about how IMPACT talent got through the pandemic and ended up bonding with each other on a new level. Alisha first mentioned how there’s a stigma that still persists about wrestlers and partying, and how she embraced the positive side of finding camaraderie with her coworkers.

“A lot of times I think people kind of associate the hanging out as in the partying, like the drinking and the drugs or what happened the generation before them right? Peer pressure is not as forceful as it was in that generation,” Alisha Edwards said. “It doesn’t matter if you want to drink or do what you want to do. Just be there in the moment. You don’t have to get involved in that. So I don’t know if that makes a huge difference for some people to not hang out. I try to tell the girls, and you know, whoever and I won’t just say girls because I try to get the boys and the girls always together because like, that’s what I live for.

“I didn’t have much of a family, so my second family is the people that I’m on the road with. So why not try to embrace it all, right? And I always tried to tell them, like there’s no pressure on doing anything because if I want to do what I want to do, that’s my choice. We’re all adults, that does not mean in order to hang out with me you have to drink what I’m drinking or smoke when I’m smoking. Everyone has their vices and what they want to do.”

IMPACT filmed in Nashville for more than a year, most of that time was spent without fans and in isolation. Edwards said that the roster ended up bonding even more in a unique way that is still a bit of an in-joke.

“So at IMPACT we kind of during COVID, that was a big shift on what we had to do,” Alisha Edwards admitted. “I mean, we were literally in Nashville for two years and the first half it wasn’t really open to the public or the public wasn’t going there. So we literally were the only people in the hotel and had nowhere to go. So we literally just started going to the curbside in front of the hotel, and now it’s a little bit of a joke. We call it curbside, and that’s kinda like what we do. ‘Oh, I’ll meet you at curbside afterward.’ And honestly, during COVID I think it brought all of us together and like made us so much closer, and it was more of a personal thing. Like we got to know each other and what bothers people when someone’s not having a good day. You can just feel it rather than having someone tell you they’re not having a good day, you know what I mean? We have a lot of fun at curbside.”

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