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Kofi Kingston Was Terrified That Jamaicans Would Be Mad At Him For His Accent

Kofi Kingston initially portrayed a character with a Jamaican accent when he first started with WWE as part of the ECW brand.

New Day member Kofi Kingston recently sat down with SHAK Wrestling to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked if Kingston ever had any face-to-face interactions with Jamaicans when he was still doing the accent, Kingston admitted he did, and it terrified him but was relieved that everyone he’s interacted with has been cool with it.

“Yeah, several times,” Kofi Kingston admitted. “I think like the thing about you know, Jamaican and dialect they speak with the patois and everything you can turn it on and turn it off and a lot of different cases so people would speak to me in the dialect and I’m like, oh, and then when they would hear me speak they were like, wait a minute, something’s kind of off.

“And I feel like they knew, but it wasn’t any kind of animosity or anything like that. Although I was very terrified that like, Jamaicans would be really, really angry with me. I actually went to Jamaica. At one point, and like, oh my god, I can’t believe this. I had an appearance there. And I was trying to tell them they know I’m not Jamaican now, but they welcomed me in with open arms.

“I think they love the entertainment value that we provide as WWE Superstars and they were just happy that someone was out there portraying a Jamaican in a positive light, luckily. But yeah, It got pretty awkward sometimes coming across different Jamaicans when they didn’t know, I was in fact, not from Jamaica, but it’s all good now.”

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