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Matt Hardy On Working With Ethan Page: Maybe We Should Branch Out And Dominate The Tag Team Division

Matt Hardy believes that if Ethan Page would just listen to him, the two men could have a successful tag run in All Elite Wrestling.

On the latest episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the topic of “All Ego” Ethan Page came up. Hardy said his mind and passion for the business remind him of his own, and he enjoys working with him.


“It’s been enjoyable working with him,” Matt Hardy admitted. “I remember you told me you said his mind and his passion for wrestling reminds you a lot of mine, and I can’t disagree with that. I think that’s a very true statement. And like I said, now that I’m kind of half-assed getting along with him. I’ve been kind of enjoying working with him.”

Jon Alba said he believes that Ethan Page can be a major player in All Elite Wrestling and hopes Matt Hardy can help get him there; Hardy said maybe the two of them should have a good run in the Tag Team division.

“He should absolutely trust the Sensei of Mattitude,” Matt Hardy said. “Maybe me and him should just branch out and dominate the Tag Team division. Maybe that’s something that can happen.”

Hardy then joked that Page almost has Jeff Hardy’s trademark juke down.

“He’s almost got the juke down. He’s gonna work it out,” Matt Hardy said. “Well, you do it one hand at a time, but a lot of time people get so excited they’re actually doing the juke they go ahead and throw two hands up like, oh my god, I’m going it. I can’t believe it. I like doing the juke. Yes! Juke! Juke! Juke! Juke! Juke! Juke! Juke! Juke! So sometimes people get a little excited. They get a little workout. It’s an exhilarating thing to do when you’re out there in front of the crowd.”

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What do you make of Matt Hardy’s comments? Would you like to see a tag team run for Hardy and Page? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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