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Joe Hendry Spent Ten Days In Quarantine To Work ROH Final Battle

Joe Hendry went through quite the ordeal in order to compete at Ring of Honor Final Battle 2021.

IMPACT Wrestling Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry recently sat down with SP3 of Tru Heel Heat Wrestling to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about working Ring of Honor Final Battle 2021 and if he had any plans to continue with the company before signing with IMPACT Wrestling, Hendry said he had to quarantine for ten days in order to compete at that show. Hendry said he’s thankful for that opportunity, but he’s very happy at IMPACT right now.

“So it’s an interesting situation,” Joey Hendry began. “Ring of Honor were very gracious towards the roster, and that we all got paid our full salaries even when we were at home,” Joe Hendry said. “So I got paid my full contract for the amount of time that I was with Ring of Honor, and as a result, I’ve got a mortgage, and I’ve got my car.

“If it wasn’t for Ring of Honor, I would not have a house; I have a house because of Ring of Honor. So this is the house that honor built, and I’ll never not have gratitude for that. What I did is I believe I have to do something. I don’t like just getting money; I gotta earn my money. So I started a show called Technique Tuesdays, I did other content. I did something called Making a Moveset.

“I was self-producing these shows from home because I was like, well, if they do cut talent, maybe I’ll stay on longer because I’m making additional content for them to get those content hours. So what happened was, when everybody got let go, and there was Final Battle, the White House had made the decision that they were going to allow travel for a short period of time.

“And I phoned Greg, who was the general manager at Ring of Honor, and who have to say, by the way, was always cool to me, always straight up with me. I know there’s heat online from various people, but I’ll tell you, Greg always kept to his word with me, and I thought he was a good guy.

“So I phoned him and I said, ‘Listen, all that extra content that I did, I’m cashing that in now. And I’m asking; I want to be on that Final Battle pay-per-view.’ And he’s like, ‘Alright, well run it by Hunter [Delirious].’ So I phoned the booking team, and I said, ‘Listen, this is the situation. I want to be on Final Battle. I’ve done all this extra content. I want to cash that in. And this is what I’m asking for extra loyalty. I want something back. I want to perform at this show.’

“And I knew I had to knock it out of the park. And I got through there and said, ‘Look, fly me in a week early,’ because I knew if the White House were going to change travel, they’d do it on a Monday. So I flew in like ten days early, and I quarantined in a hotel room for ten days because I don’t care as long as I get in, and I got in the country, I quarantined, and thankfully, my COVID test was negative, and I went over there and had one of the best performances of my career, and I genuinely believe that’s what’s led to this situation with IMPACT Wrestling.

“So I’ll be honest, when I did that show, I thought Tony Khan was very cool. I was impressed at his knowledge of not just his company and the business but also what was going on the independent scene in the periphery. Like he knew who I was, he knew what I was doing. He knew where the story needed to go. So I was very taken aback by that. So that was awesome.

“But the fact is, IMPACT Wrestling is the perfect fit for me right now. And that’s why I chose to go to IMPACT Wrestling, that it was the right move at the right time. Don’t get me wrong; I’m very thankful to AEW and Ring of Honor for giving me that opportunity there. But IMPACT is the right move for me, and I’m very happy to be here. I have a lot of gratitude for it. The team and the locker room, the roster that we’ve got, it’s the dream job.”

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