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Kamille On Potentially Working For WWE: I Would Love To Have That Opportunity At Some Point

Kamille says she would love to potentially work for WWE someday.

Since NWA When Our Shadows Fall on June 6, 2021, Kamille has been the reigning NWA World Women’s Champion, and she has become one of the promotion’s top stars. Given her impressive title reign, fans have wondered whether she could land in WWE at some point.


Speaking on Insiders Edge: A Pro Wrestling Podcast, host Karlifornia asked Kamille whether she would want to potentially work for WWE someday. She made it clear that she would “love” to have the opportunity to do so.

“I think anybody that says no to that would be lying,” Kamille said. “WWE is, like you said, the Yankees. They’re the top of the top, and so I think that anybody who takes their wrestling career seriously, they want to end up, even if it’s just for five years or something like that, just for the amount to prove that you quote-on-quote made it, and that all the work that you’ve put in, all the long hours of driving, all of the grinding that no one sees, has finally paid off. So yeah, I would love to have that opportunity at some point.”

The powerhouse continued by describing how she loves working for the NWA, but even company president Billy Corgan knows it’s not at the same level as WWE. She noted that she would want to showcase her skills on a larger level at some point. Kamille also stated that she would like to be able to have the platform to speak about some of the things she deals with on a personal level.

“Even Billy [Corgan], my boss, he understands as well, the NWA, although I love working there and I love all of my coworkers, the office, it’s great, we just aren’t on that level yet, and that’s a fact,” Kamille said. “So although I want to be there to help the company grow and get as big as possible, I still would love to have the opportunity one day to work for the WWE and show people on a larger scale what I’m made of, what I can do, and then hopefully too, just outside of that, personal life type of stuff that I deal with, I would love to be a voice for people that deal with stuff that I deal with. I think that being able to have a larger platform like that would give me the opportunity to speak to more people and hopefully inspire more people.”

Kamille will compete on the first-ever live edition of NWA Powerrr on January 31.

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