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Carmelo Hayes: The Run I’m On In NXT Is My Senior Year

Carmelo Hayes is ready for graduation.


Speaking on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Carmelo Hayes was asked whether 2022 was the best year of his career.

“Oh my god, yeah. I self-reflect a lot, just to remind myself where I’ve been, remind myself, almost to ground myself. But I remember just thinking, I’m like, ‘Damn, I did a lot this year.’ Sometimes, I’ll see things pop up, and I’m like, wow, that was four months ago, five months ago. But no, this was the best career of my career in every aspect, you know what I mean, just in my life. It’s so much now that I’m like, ‘ Oh, god.’ I try not to even think about the future because this feels so hot. You know what I mean? It’s like where do I go from here? But the way I explained it before to somebody is, this is my senior year. This NXT run right now that I’m in is my senior year.

“If you really look back at the black-and-gold stuff that I did with the Breakout Tournament and stuff, you can consider that my freshman year. Then the introduction of 2.0 you can consider my sophomore year. The North American Title runs, you can consider my junior year, and then the start of that new white-gold era, whatever it is, is really my senior year. I feel like I got this thing down. So I break up that 2022 kind of into years, and it went by quick.”

There has been plenty of speculation that Carmelo Hayes could get called up to the main roster soon, but he remains part of the NXT roster.

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