Billy Corgan
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Billy Corgan Explains Decision To Remove NWA Powerrr From FITE, Notes Talks With Other Streaming Platforms

Billy Corgan explains how the dynamics of the world influenced the NWA’s move back to YouTube.

During a recent interview with Steve Fall for, Billy Corgan commented on NWA Powerrr returning to YouTube. NWA had a paywall network on FITE in 2022 but the promotion returned to airing first-run shows on YouTube on January 3, 2023.


“I think it’s just the dynamics of the world we live in. I think you see it with a lot of Over-The-Top networks, they’re offering a lot of free stuff to drive whatever they’re trying to drive. We’re in that position where it’s like when we’re behind the paywall we’re doing a lot of great programming, but a lot of people aren’t necessarily seeing it. Or if they’re seeing it, they’re seeing it delayed or they might have seen spoilers, stuff like that. I know NWA fans go out of their way not to see spoilers, so I think going back to a Tuesday/Saturday format where everybody is watching at the same time and trying to leverage social media and all the things you need, I think that’s part of the economics of it. It’s a different type of economics than being in a financial relationship with FITE.”

As far as improving NWA’s digital footprint on other networks, Corgan said that he’s talked to “six or seven streaming platforms” in the last year. Corgan also noted that the company is in a “good position to be having these conversations” and have people take them seriously.

The NWA will still air pay-per-view events for individual purchases on FITE, including Nuff Said on February 11. The NWA monthly subscriptions on FITE were canceled immediately, while the annual subscriptions are being phased out now.

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