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Candice Michelle Wanted To Use Her Wand The Way Triple H Used His Sledgehammer

Candice Michelle had ambitious ideas when she incorporated a new prop into her character in 2005.

Before her ascent to becoming WWE Women’s Champion, Candice Michelle joined a villainous stable, later known as Vince’s Devils — named after chairman and CEO Vince McMahon. Working with Torrie Wilson and Victoria, the three began terrorizing the women of RAW, starting with Diva Search winner, Ashley Massaro. Along with her new venture, Michelle added a magic wand to her ensemble as well. The original vision didn’t go over so well backstage though, as Candice recently recalled on Ring The Belle.

“I was traveling with Victoria and Torrie, we always travel together. Back then, we didn’t have the luxury of having these magical seamstresses backstage, making uniforms for us. So, whenever we were traveling, usually it was a stripper store or a swimsuit store or some kind of sexy lingerie store, where we had to find some kind of outfits. We go into the store, it’s Halloween time, and I see this [magic] wand and I don’t know, just in my head, I was like,’ I’m going to use this wand,’ so I buy it.”

“I get to TV and it’s going to be a tag team match. Fit Finlay is going to be the one organizing our match. I come down with this flimsy stripper wand, shaking it with all these big wrestlers and superstars. I said, ‘Fit, I want to use this wand the way Triple H uses his sledgehammer and I’m going to defeat people with it. Everybody was just silent. They were just like, ‘This girl has lost her damn mind. How can she say such a thing? She’s comparing herself to Hunter right now.’ I was so serious. I believed in it, so we started to use it. It was a very simple, really cute thing. Then backstage, they created it into a steel wand and they added the lights to it and really made it like a weapon.”

“My favorite part of this story is I came back to a Hall of Fame and Fit Finlay catches me in the hallway and he says, ‘So you know those wands you used to have?’ I was like, ‘Of course, I know, I remember.’ He probably totally made fun of me the entire year for that wand He said, ‘Well, my daughter’s been wanting one ever since.’ And I was like, ‘I got you Fit.'”

“It was really a cool moment for me too, because when you come up with a gimmick and you have to believe in it so wholeheartedly, because so many people want to shut you down same way in life, right? Whatever your gimmick for who you are, people want to shut it down. They want to talk crap. And I was like, ‘You know what? When this little girl, all she did was believe, to give that to one little girl was the most beautiful thing ever.'”

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