WWE NXT Results

WWE NXT Results (1/17/23)

January 17, 2023

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams vs. Apollo Crews and Axiom

Williams mocks Axiom’s entrance on the way to the ring. Williams and Axiom start the match. Axiom and Williams trade shots. Willams follows Axiom with a pop-up right hand. Hayes tags in, and Axiom walks the ropes for a hip toss. Crews is in, and after a tackle/dropdown spot, Crews floors Hayes with a dropkick. Hayes responds with a pump kick followed by a head scissor into a facebuster. Hayes and Williams are sent flying out of the ring. Crews press slams Axiom over the top onto Hayes and Williams.


After the break, Axiom and Crews hit German suplexes. Williams and Hayes try to counter, but Crews and Axiom flip out of their respective suplex attempts. Axiom accidentally strikes Crews. Hayes and Williams work over Axiom. Axiom manages to tag in Crews. Crews clears the ring. Press slam by Crews. Crews immediately follows that with a standing moonsault. Williams breaks up the pin. Axiom takes Williams out with a kick. hayes tries Nothing but Net. Crews turns it into a pin for the three count.

Winners- Apollo Crews and Axiom

Tony D’Angelo and Stacks are walking near the bridge. Stacks thinks D’Angelo is going to wack him. D’Angelo promotes Stacks to underboss instead. D’Angelo gifts Stacks with a new leather jacket with the family crest on it.

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Earlier today, Indi Hartwell took over Tiffany Stratton’s personal locker room. Hartwell tells Stratton that she isn’t bigger than the rest of the NXT Women’s locker room. Hartwell changes the sign that says “Tiffany Stratton” to NXT Women’s locker room.

In-Ring Segment: Toxic Attraction

Jayne says they aren’t usually the ones to say, “I told you so,” but… they both told us so. They predicted at the end of the night, the ring announcer Alicia, would announce them as the winners of the battle royal. Jayne and Dolan both downplay the fact that they both tried to eliminate each other. They promise to make Roxanne Perez regret the day she won the women’s championship. Lyra Valkyria interrupts and says she should be the number one contender. When she looks at them, she doesn’t see championship material. Valkyria says Dolan and Jayne both know they can’t beat Perez, so they have to try to do it together. Dolan and Jayne attack Valkyria. Perez makes the save.

Alba Fyre vs. Sol Ruca

Fyre takes Ruco down and gets a near fall. Ruca cartwheels out of an armbar. Ruca gets a two-count after a high crossbody. Fyre tries a superkick, but Ruca avoids it. The two combatants shake hands. Ruca lands a modified x-factor. Fyre gets upset and stomps Ruca. Fyre sets up the Gory bomb, but Ruca fights out of it. Superkick by Fyre. Fyre slams Ruca’s head into the turnbuckle. Isla Dawn appears in the birds nest. Fyre gets distracted and walks right into the Sol Smasher by Ruca. Ruca pins Fyre.

Winner- Sol Ruca

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Backstage, Fyre gets into an argument with Kitana Chance and Kayden Carter. Fyre wants them both and says she doesn’t need a partner. She doesn’t need anyone.

Gallus vs. Briggs and Jensen w/Fallon Henley

Wolfgang and Coffey beat down Jensen and Briggs. Coffey pulls up the protective mat outside the ring. During the fight, Jensen is back body dropped on the exposed floor. Henley and the medical staff run down to the ring. Back in the ring, Briggs is holding his own against Gallus. Kiana James rushes down to ringside and pushes Henley out of the way to check on Jensen. Gallus hits their finish on Briggs for the win.

Winners- Gallus

Backstage, Henley and Jensen argue about Kiana James. Henley says James doesn’t care about him. Jensen says she cares more than Henley does. Henley promises James will break his heart, and she won’t be there to pick up the pieces.

Thea Hail w/Duke Hudson and Andrea Chase vs. Valentina Feroz

Feroz and Hail trade strikes and pin attempts. Feroz dropkicks Hail and gets a two count. Elektra Lopez walks to ringside to watch the match. Standing moonsault by Hail. Feroz kicks out. Feroz boots Hail in the face. Both women attempt crossbody at the same time. As the referee is distracted, Lopez hands Feroz a pair of brass knucks. Feroz refuses to use them. Hail hits a front-face DDT for the win.

Winner- Thea Hail

In the locker room, Lopez questions Feroz over not using the knucks. Feroz says she doesn’t cheat and that she sounds like Sanga. Lopez tells her to stop worrying about Sanga. She once put her faith in men, and she knows now that she has to do this on her own. Feroz needs to realize the same.

In-Ring Segment: The New Day

Woods and Kingston are dressed up because today is a special day. As of today, they are done with Pretty Deadly. Next up is Gallus. Pretty Deadly interrupts. Prince and Wilson complain that Woods and Kingston are making fun of them. Wilson and Prince say they are the rightful number one contenders. Gallus walks to the ring. Wolfgang says New Day is right.

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They won their shot fair and square. Now that they put Pretty Deadly and Briggs and Jensen to bed, The New Day are next. Woods let’s Gallus know he didn’t understand a word they just said, but if they are ready for a fight, they have one. Pretty Deadly attacks New Day and Gallus. New Day and Gallus clear out Prince and Wilson. Gallus and the New Day brawl in the ring as referees and officials try to break it up.

In-Ring Segment: Javier Bernal

Bernal wants to celebrate his album ending up on the top 40 charts. As he starts to play his guitar, Tyler Bate interrupts.

Javier Bernal vs. Tyler Bate

Bate hits the Tyler Driver for the win.

Winner- Tyler Bate

Backstage, Henley apologizes to Jensen for what she said. She’s going to try to make this work. She got herself a tag match and asked to have James as her partner. Jensen is elated.

Roxanne Perez and Lyra Valkyria vs. Toxic Attraction

Valkyria and Perez work over Jayne. Perez gets a near fall after a basement dropkick. Valkyria lands a chop off the second rope. Dolin tags in and walks right into a hip toss from Valkyria. Perez gets the tag and floors Dolin with a flying back elbow. Jayne gets a blind tag. As Perez rolls up Dolin, Jayne surprises her with a leaping neck breaker.

Dolin and Jayne take turns beating down Perez. Perez manages to tag in Valkyria, who clears the ring. Valkyria goes up top. As the referee is distracted, Cora Jade appears out of nowhere and pushes Valkyria off the top. Valkyria and Jade fight to the back. Dolin and Jayne try to double team Perez, but Jayne accidentally nails Dolin with a savate kick. Perez hits Pop-Rox on Dolin for the win.

Winners- Roxanne Perez and Lyra Valkyria


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