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Apollo Crews On Taking Part In WWE’s Upcoming Tryouts In Nigeria: It’s A Huge Honor And A Pleasure As Well

Apollo Crews is heading to Nigeria next month with WWE to help take part in a multi-day tryout to find the next WWE Superstar.

NXT Superstar Apollo Crews recently sat down with The Nation to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked how it feels to be part of the multi-day WWE tryout that will be held in Lagos, Nigeria, Crews said it’s a huge honor that WWE asked him to take part in something like this.


“I feel like, it is a huge honor for me because this is the first time it’s happening. And for me to be able to be part of this and make the announcement, it’s a great honor, and it’s a pleasure as well. I feel very blessed. I have roots here in Nigeria, and I was able to represent a wonderful country on TV it’s nice that we have the opportunity to bring another or maybe multiple or more African Superstars into the WWE and show the world what we already know.”

When asked what this tryout says about the WWE’s future plans for Nigerians. Crews said he believes the possibilities are endless.

“I think it’s endless. This is just the first, the first of many to come,” Apollo Crews said. “It’s something that is amazing because we are always searching for talent. WWE is always looking for the next talent, always looking for the new talent and I know we can find a lot here. They just have to be brought into the mainstream, and that’s why WWE is providing opportunities not just for Africans but for everybody.

“You know I have the opportunity to take my talent up to the global level. WWE is a global platform; it is a global brand, and it’s all over the world, so it’s a huge opportunity. Again, I’m glad to be able to come here and make this announcement and be part of it and then represent the country and the nation of Africa.”

When asked how he feels to look back at where he started from to where he is today, Crews said the opportunity to become a professional wrestler was a dream come true for him and hopes he can spread that message to the hopefuls trying out in Nigeria next month.

“It’s unreal. This is an opportunity for a dream to come true because sometimes as a kid I dreamt of being a wrestler,” Apollo Crews said. “I have been watching wrestling since I was three years old like many of us, right, but you never really think in reality that this is going to be real and when it happened, you feel like it’s unreal.

“So I feel better coming back to Nigeria and being able to spread the message that we are looking for more talents; we are looking for more African Nigerian talents. It’s life-changing. It’s an opportunity to change your life, to change your family’s life. So I’m glad we are providing this opportunity for talents.”

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