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Nick Khan Comments On Stephanie McMahon’s WWE Resignation, Remains In The Dark About Shane McMahon’s Departure

With Stephanie’s recent resignation from WWE, both McMahon children are now officially gone from the company.

On January 10, Stephanie McMahon dropped the bombshell that she’d be stepping down from her positions as chairwoman and co-CEO of WWE, leaving Nick Khan as the sole CEO. In light of her absence, her father, Vince McMahon, received a unanimous election to the Executive Chairman of the Board. Last year, Stephanie briefly stepped away from her previous leadership roles, but quickly resumed duties as Vince McMahon announced his retirement.

“I think she came back because her dad asked her to come back,” Nick Khan told The Bill Simmons Podcast. “She’s great at it,” he added.

“By the way, the meetings that that she went on that I participated in a lot, as you can imagine, when those stories like that that come out, you want to make sure that people see you and they know who to talk to and they know they can call you and that, ‘hey, there’s a face with the product and that there’s somebody there to answer if there’s a question.’ So that was more about that.”

Though the true nature of Stephanie’s departure has yet to be seen, Khan believes she might’ve “felt her work was done for now.” However, “nothing is permanent,” in professional wrestling. Khan said. “Again, terrific executive even better person. Life is long. Let’s see.”

Regarding Shane McMahon’s departure in February 2022, Khan revealed he’s still in the dark about it. “I don’t have the particulars on that,” he said, “but that’s intentional.”

“I’m not going to ask even if it’s a work thing, I’m not going to ask Vince, ‘tell me what happened with your son.’ I have too much respect for that. It also would be career suicide. I’ve never seen that work. I’m not there to counsel them. They’re not asking me to counsel them. As you know, family’s complicated, business is complicated. Family and business is even more complicated. I just assumed ‘stay away from it.’ But his son-in-law (Triple H) works there, and he’s the Head of Creative. There’s always been a lot of Twitter chatter that somehow those two weren’t getting along or this or that. I think everybody’s getting along just great.”

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