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Jessica Troy Inspired By Winx Club, Literature For Her In-Ring Look

While she’s not collecting the arms of her opponents, Jessica Troy enjoys collecting books.

The Australia native recently spoke with WrestleZone’s own Ella Jay about the sources of inspiration for her wide variety of ring gear. “I take a lot of inspiration from whatever I’m into at the moment,” Troy said, whether they stem from television, literature, or pop culture. In recent months, “The Arm Collector” has donned some new sets of gear, including a blue and yellow star attire inspired by the popular show, Winx Club. A common theme in Troy’s ring gear also includes flare pants. “I look good in them. So I was like, I might as well wrestle in them as well because that makes sense,” she added.


When asked to describe her favorite gear, Troy admitted that “every new gear that I get would be my new favorite”. Nevertheless, Troy always proudly splashes in a pop of color throughout all of her gears. “I really like any kind of orange because obviously it kind of matches my hair,” she said.  “But then there was one that was a really light pastel purple and a really light pastel yellow. I really enjoyed that just because the colors look like a rainbow Paddle Pop, which is like an ice cream over here [in Australia].”

Troy’s latest ensemble comes in her efforts to channel the books she reads. “My latest set was inspired by a book called Carry On [by Rainbow Rowell],she revealed. “It’s a book about a boy who goes to a magical school, and he’s considered ‘the chosen one’. So, very much Harry Potter kind of vibes, but in a completely different light. The magic system is completely different, and the stories and characters are really cool. He eventually has these dragon Wings as well. So. I had these dragon wings on the gear. Their school uniform is purple and green stripes, so I did that in like my own style though. I still had the flared pants. I just kind of implemented the colors and some of the themes from the book.”

Currently, Troy finds herself wrapped in The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes — a young adult mystery novel  “about a girl who somehow comes into a large sum of money inherited from a guy she didn’t know, and obviously, the family is very angry at her.”

In general though, Troy finds herself reaching for the fantasy genre, along with modern contemporary books, and a soft spot for a “nice love story where two people fall in love.”

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