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Gail Kim Is Open To Coming Out Of Retirement For Match With Mickie James

It’s been four years since Gail Kim laced up a pair of wrestling boots, but for a special occasion, the 7-time IMPACT Knockouts Champion offered to come out of retirement.

Last summer, “Hardcore Country” Mickie James laid down a challenge to herself. She’d have to win every match she competed in, or she’d have to hang up her own boots. This opened the floodgates for a series of matches in the “Last Rodeo,” with James’ career on the line in every outing. James proved successful in her quest, overcoming some old rivals and some new faces. She even sought out a match with another familiar face, and current IMPACT producer — Gail Kim.

“Mickie and I have joked, while she has been on this ‘Last Rodeo’. She’s like, ‘why don’t you wrestle me again?’” Kim recalled in an interview with SEScoops’ Scott Fishman. “I said, ‘Mickie if you want me to, I respect you so much that I would if that’s what you truly wanted.’ But we have wrestled each other a bunch.”

Kim also admitted that she’d been thinking about coming out of retirement “a lot” recently. ” It’s hard, when you love it so much,” she said. Then when you see such talent out there, and think ‘what kind of match can I have with them?’”

If she were to return for one match, though, Gail Kim would “love it to be some kind of three or four-way so I can get as many talents as I could,” she said. “I love multi-women matches to be honest, not tags. I would like a three or four way at the most. It would be a dream match of all dream matches. That’s what I ultimately, probably, would like.”

“I know I still have the athleticism, it’s just more of the getting in cardio shape, in-ring shape, and preparing my back to be ready to go,” Kim noted.

For Mickie James, the Last Rodeo officially came to an end last week at Hard To Kill. There, she defeated Jordynne Grace to win the Knockouts World Championship. However, a match with Gail Kim isn’t completely off the table just yet.

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