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Charles Robinson Believes The Art Of Refereeing Hasn’t Changed In 50 Years

In the mind of Charles Robinson, the art of refereeing in the world of professional wrestling hasn’t changed since the days of Tommy Young.

WWE referee Charles Robinson was a recent guest on Out of Character with Ryan Satin to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked how the art of refereeing has changed since he got into the business, Robinson said he doesn’t believe it has changed at all.

“That hasn’t changed really at all,” Charles Robinson said. “Because, as I mentioned earlier, I watched Tommy Young; he was my referee hero. I always thought that he was the very, very best, so I would watch to see what he would do, what he would do to stay out of the way. His reactions he would react to things that would happen in the ring, and I know I tend to overreact sometimes, but I don’t think the art of refereeing has changed one bit in the last 50 years. You’re there to make a three count; you’re there to call a disqualification and keep law and order in the ring. So in that aspect, it’s exactly the same.”

When asked what the most important thing is to teach a new referee in this era of professional wrestling, Robinson said while staying out of the way is very important, it’s also important to treat everything like it’s a legitimate contest.

“I mean, staying out of the way is very, very important, but it’s also important to maybe treat it 100% legit,” Charles Robinson said. “If it’s a real contest, what would you really do? And that’s what we tried to do, all of us as a group.”

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What do you make of Charles Robinson’s comments? Do you think the art of refereeing has stayed the same in the past 50 years? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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