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Ricochet Believes Will Ospreay Can Work Well In Whatever Promotion He Wants

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Ricochet believes that Will Ospreay would do well in WWE.

Will Ospreay and Ricochet will forever be linked together due to their past matches against one another. As time has passed, they have both stood out in the wrestling world on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Ricochet has been in WWE for several years, while Will Ospreay has gone up the rankings in NJPW.

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In a new interview with Stephanie Chase of Digital Spy, Ricochet says that he believes Will Ospreay would fit in at WWE or anywhere else he wants to wrestle.

“I think Will would fit in anywhere he wanted to go. I don’t think it matters what company,” he said. “I think it just matters where he would like to go, and he’ll fit in anywhere he chooses.

“He’s just one of those guys that, anywhere he goes, he’s just always kind of fit in and taken over,” he added. “So the sky’s the future for him, and wherever he decides to go, I know he’s going to take it over.”

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