Anthony Bowens
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Anthony Bowens Says He Can’t Watch His AEW Debut Back

Some people have very fond memories of their professional wrestling debut, but for Anthony Bowens, it’s not something he wants to relive.

Anthony Bowens was a recent guest on INSIGHT With Chris Van Vliet. to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about Max Caster’s raps, Bowens said the beauty behind it is that the fans are never sure what Caster is going to say on any given night.

“So yeah, I’m grateful to have you know, every time when the siren hits, people lose their minds, because they want to hear what Caster has to say,” Anthony Bowens said. “Because you never know what he’s gonna say, that’s the beauty of him having a live microphone. We hit on just about everything, which seems to make people upset with certain things. But it’s just like, if it’s news, like, we don’t operate within the realm of we have to live in a bubble of just our company. If it’s news, if it’s out there, if it happened, it’s up for grabs. And you know, obviously, if it’s tasteful. But, you know, we will touch on anything. And that’s the way it’s gonna continue to be. So get used to it.”

When asked how the “scissor me, daddy ass” tagline came up, Bowens said he came up with it on the fly on an episode of Rampage when he didn’t have a finish to their entrance that week.

“One day, it was probably about five minutes before we went out to, I think it was Rampage? I think it was a Battle Royale on Rampage. And I was sitting in the wheelchair and I was giggling to myself. I was trying to figure out a way to end our entrance, because Max would rap I would get the crowd to yell Ass Boys, but I didn’t have an ending,” Anthony Bowens recalled. “And I just giggled to myself and I thought I think I’m just gonna say ‘scissor me Daddy Ass.’

“I don’t know why that popped into my head, but I started laughing. Literally me like sitting in the wheelchair in gorilla just like laughing at it. And then I didn’t tell anybody, I think I had told Billy, I think I’m gonna say ‘scissor me Daddy Ass.’ He didn’t say anything. I just remember he just smiled at me and he walked away. And that was it. Five minutes later, when I screamed it on Rampage, I came back, I looked around, no one said anything to me. I was like, okay, so I guess that was okay. And then it was trending. And then I started to see the signs, that’s when you know, I’ve got to say this every single week.”

When asked if he’s ever gone back and watched his All Elite Wrestling debut, Bowens said he can’t watch is back because it was all very awkward.

“I can’t. I’m dead serious, I cannot watch it because it was very awkward,” Anthony Bowens recalled. “And basically that was the same day that we had a meeting with Tony, that was the first time we ever met like Tony face-to-face, and that’s when he told us that we were going to be The Acclaimed and that was basically our try out match, it was against Best Friends. And we didn’t know what The Acclaimed was.

“We just knew that Max rapped and Cody told me, the only piece of information I was given was from Cody and he said just whatever dis Caster says, it’s the craziest, best thing you’ve ever heard in your entire life. That was the only thing I got. And I had to figure out who I was under the umbrella of The Acclaimed. But two hours later, after meeting Tony, I had no idea what that was.

“So we came out and there was no theme music, so everything was just like it’s acapella. He did the rap, and I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m like that was a good one. Yeah, it was terrible. I will never [watch the entrance]. I’ll watch the match, the match was great. I will not watch the entrance.”

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