WWE Raw Results
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WWE Raw Results (1/23/23)

Report: WWE Makes Change To Sami Zayn Segment
Image Credit: WWE

WWE Raw Results 

January 23, 2023

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

In-Ring Segment: The Bloodline

Sami Zayn is off on his own on one side of the ring, while the rest of The Bloodline is on the other side. Reigns tells the crowd to acknowledge him. Reigns tells Paul Heyman to get on with it. The crowd chants, “ECW.” Heyman notes that those three letters are near and dear to his heart, but ECW is dead, just like he wishes Sami Zayn was. Heyman accuses Zayn of being at the head of a conspiracy with Kevin Owens from day one. He shows video evidence of Zayn being suspect, including lightly shoulder-bumping Reigns in the ring a few weeks ago. Heyman says it was essentially assault. Heyman says Zayn is guilty as charged, and the prosecution rests its case.

Zayn stands up and says he had a whole defense lined up in his head. What he didn’t count on was how he was going to feel sitting out here listening to Heyman say all those things. After all the times Heyman has hugged him and told him he loved him… this all hurts. The people see it. They have been seeing it for the last nine months. His defense is that he has no defense. Zayn tosses the mic at the table and sits back down. An incredulous Reigns lays into Zayn for having so much ego that he wont even fight for this. Reigns yells for Solo. Solo Sikoa walks up behind Zayn and sets up a Samoan Spike. Jey Uso stops him, to everyone’s surprise.

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Jey says no disrespect, but he put together his own tape for evidence. Jey put together a defense video for Zayn, showing all the times he’s stuck his neck out for the Bloodline. Zayn gets teary-eyed watching it. Jey gets emotional and says Zayn has taken so many bullets for them. He’s basically bulletproof. He didn’t trust Zayn but Zayn still saw the good in him. That video showed Zayn’s loyalty.

Jey tells Zayn he loves him like a brother and tells everyone who wants Zayn to stay in The Bloodline to throw the ones to the sky. Both Usos and the entire crowd throw up the ones. Reigns finds Zayn not guilty. For now. Reigns tells Zayn to thank Jey because he bought him more time. Reigns tells Zayn he doesn’t want to see him after tonight until the Royal Rumble. At the Royal Rumble, Zayn will face his final test. Then we will see if Zayn is Bloodline or not.

Raw Tag Team Championship Match: The Usos (c) w/Sami Zayn vs. The Judgement Day (Dominik and Damian Priest)

Priest gets sent out to the apron. Jimmy lands a kick that sends Priest off the apron. Jimmy follows, but Dominik distracts him. Priest body blocks Jimmy into the commentary desk. Dominik and Priest take turns working over Jimmy. Jimmy tags in Jey. Jey crushes Dominik in the corner with a hip attack.  The Usos land a double spinebuster on Priest. Jimmy goes up top but never gets to fly after a distraction from Dominik. Priest lands multiple strikes on both Usos.

Broken arrow on Jey. Jey superkicks Priest. Priest superkicks Jey and he falls out of the ring. Priest lands his classic Punishment senton. Dominik and Priest land a combo move. The Usos respond with double superkicks. Jey goes back up top. Bálor gets caught by the referee and ejected. Jimmy comes up lame after a splash. He tries to keep going but collapses. The referee throws up the x.  As Jimmy is being helped to the back, Adam Pearce runs down to the ring and says if Jimmy can’t go, The Usos will forfeit the titles.

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Zayn begs to take Jimmy’s place. Pearce agrees. Zayn is a house of fire, landing a dive that takes out everyone. Dominik sneaks up behind Zayn and gets a 2.9 count with his feet on the ropes. Ripley gets in Jey’s face. Dominik kicks Jey into the ropes and hits a 619. Top rope splash by Dominik. Zayn breaks up the pin. Jey and Zayn hit the 1D on Dominik for the win.

Winners and STILL Raw Tag Team Champions, The Usos!

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