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Family Friend Of The Briscoes Gives An Update On Mark Briscoe, Jay Briscoe’s Daughters

Mark Briscoe indirectly speaks following the loss of  his brother Jay.

Jamin Pugh (also known as Jay Briscoe) lost his life in a car accident on January 17, and his daughters Jayleigh and Gracie were also injured in the crash.

Josh Wharton, a family friend, went live on Facebook, on January 23 to offer an update on how the girls were going, and he also shared a statement from Mark Briscoe.

“Gracie, 12, has worked with physical and occupational therapy over the last several days and continues to work towards her goals. Her therapist says her strength is improving and she is able to assist with some knee bends and in and outs with her legs. Today, she assisted with her transfer into the wheel chair using a slide board. Her pain has been much more under control. She was able to be up for awhile and play some games and watch movies throughout the day. She is making huge improvements, has regained feeling below her knees, but has not moved anything below her knees.

“Jayleigh, 9, Saturday night her NG tube was removed and Sunday morning she was able to eat and drink as much as she pleases. She is so much happier. Today, she worked with physical and occupational therapy and did her first stand transfer into her wheelchair. The girls were able to spend a little quality time together today. After getting in her bed, her wound vac on her abdominal incision was removed. She now only has to worry about her braces and external fixation on her leg. She was about to work with an art therapist.

“I called Mark just about a half hour ago and we talked. I told him the community cares about him and we wanted to make sure he was alright and if there was anything we could. He answered the phone, just the most chipper I’ve ever heard him. That’s an upbeat family in this time of tragedy. The one thing that stuck out to me, he said, ‘I can’t imagine going through this not being a believer.’ He realizes that our time here on Earth is a small glimpse in existence. He realizes that we’re going to see him again and he’s hoping to use that as a tool to motivate people to get into heaven with us. Use Jamin’s untimely death as a witness almost to get people into heaven with him. He sent a text that says, ‘GOD IS ON THE THRONE. That’s all I got bro.’ The man has been through a lot and he still has his faith. He’s going to carry on the Pugh and Briscoe name proudly.

“I’ve not talked to anyone in AEW, but according to the family, they’ve been nothing but top notch and supportive.” (Transcribed by Jeremy Lambert of Fightful).

AEW has released a Jay Briscoe memorial shirt, and all proceeds will benefit the Pugh family. More information is available here.

A donation page for the Pugh family can be found here.

The Ternahan children also lost their mother in the accident, and a donation page for them can be found here. The Pugh family has made it clear that they don’t have any bad feelings towards Lillyanne Ternahan, the driver of the other vehicle in the accident.

On behalf of WrestleZone, our thoughts and prayers are with both the Pugh family and the Ternahan.

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