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Bayley: Becky Lynch Wanted A Cage Match But I Have A Mind Of My Own

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Bayley didn’t want to step into a cage with Becky Lynch at WWE Raw XXX because she did not want to give in to the wants and needs of her arch-rival.

On Monday Night Raw’s 30th Anniversary show, Becky Lynch and Bayley we’re scheduled to compete inside a Steel Cage. However, when the match was almost underway, Bayley and the rest of Damage CTRL beat Becky Lynch down inside the structure, ensuring that the match would never start.


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On the subsequent episode of WWE Raw Talk, Bayley expressed that she simply had no interest in stepping inside a cage with “The Man” nor should she be expected to do so just because that’s what Becky Lynch wanted.

“Oh, I was supposed to be in a cage match because that’s what Becky wanted. Am I supposed to do whatever Becky wants? No, I have a mind of my own,” said “The Role Model” to Byron Saxton. “Dakota has a mind of her own. IYO has a mind of her own. We don’t have to listen to anybody. We are called Damage CTRL, which means we are in control. Okay, Becky doesn’t tell me what to do, when to do it, where to be, or when I’m gonna put my body on the line for this kind of match. Okay, have you ever been in a Cage Natch? Would you be scared? Would you be afraid?

“I’ll tell you right now. I was not afraid, I was smart,” she continued. I’m smarter than Becky. I’m quicker than Becky. I’m more consistent than Becky. I’m a bigger star than Becky. I am the ultra superstar. It’s Raw XXX. So why go out there and hurt ourselves when we can enjoy the show, am I right?”

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select had previously reported that the match was actually cut from the show because the opening segment with The Bloodline ran long.

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