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Karrion Kross On His WWE Character: I Like To Think Of Him As A Very Dark Energy In The Room

Most people considered Karrion Kross losing to Jeff Hardy on WWE RAW in under two minutes a terrible ordeal, but for Kross, he was having a good day.

Karrion Kross recently sat down with Scott Felstead of Muscle & Fitness to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about his initial call-up to the WWE main roster from NXT, Kross said despite how others felt about it at the time, it was a good day for him.

“Despite what people felt about it, for me, it was actually a good day,” Karrion Kross said. “I went in there, it was my birthday, July 19, and I was given a brand-new contract. I was given a massive raise, and it was really cool to be in a locker room with people that I had been watching for so many years, people with so much equity in the company. They are my friends to this day. So, on a personal note, away from the professional side, it was a very good day.”

When asked about his current persona that we see on WWE SmackDown every week, Kross said he likes to think of himself not as a human being but as a dark energy in the room.

“I like to think of Karrion Kross, not actually as a human being,” Karrion Kross said. “I like to think of him as a very dark energy in the room. Like, when you walk into a place that you know you shouldn’t be, late at night, like a haunted house or something. You know you shouldn’t be there, but you feel like you should stay because you are about to see something that you are not going to be able to see anywhere else! He is the dark energy in the room, manifesting as a person.”

Unlike his first run on the WWE main roster, Kross has his wife Scarlett by his side this time around, something he’s very grateful for as they help hold each other accountable in the things that they do.

“We hold each other accountable in all aspects of life,” Karrion Kross said. “Sometimes she has to tell me to slow down. Sometimes, she says ‘hey, you’re doing too much and you need to rest’, and vice versa as well. We go very hard into everything that we do, because typically we are engaging with things that we love.”

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