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Damien Sandow: Losing MITB Cash-In To John Cena Was Still A Success

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WrestleZone recently spoke with Aron Stevens, also known to fans as Damien Sandow. Asked to pick a match that stood out as one that showed him as a “complete” wrestler, Stevens said being a complete wrestler starts before the talent even enters the arena.

“To me, a complete wrestler is when my music hits before they see me. They’re standing up there making noise, they’re letting people know. That is the complete wrestler, simply because you have the fan investment. I have had matches where because I was already a complete wrestler, and fans had invested in me, when ‘Hallelujah’ [his WWE theme song] hit, they started booing, right?”

Stevens then looked back on his work in 2013, which included a Money In The Bank win and matches with Cody Rhodes and John Cena.

“And [for one match pick], I’ll say Cody and I — this was right after Money in the Bank [2013], we were in Durban, South Africa, in an outdoor stadium, and we ended up doing the tag thing. But then we got in a fight, and we wrestled for like, it was like 48 or 49 minutes. So we were almost the entire second half of the show, and it was the main event. But like that, I would say absolutely… I always equated that one, to us, it was like [Bret Hart] and Davey Boy [Smith] in Wembley Stadium because it was like that outdoor feel. And it was just like, we were just going…yeah, that was good. Also, like, the thing is, had I not been a complete wrestler, that match wouldn’t have been what it is.

“I guess there are situations like that. But again, I was pretty proud of Money In The Bank. I was pretty proud of what I did with John Cena, we had that three-segment match [on RAW] and everything. Look, it didn’t turn out the way I wanted to, but mission accomplished. So I always look at this from a performance standpoint, and I can always say I put everything I had into every performance I did, even if I did not want to do it. And the fans always respected me and gave me what they had. And that is kind of that relationship we have, I think where I can kind of, I think into most arenas if I walk in, like if you’re familiar with me, like they’ll be like ‘Alright, well who knows what we’re gonna get, but we’re gonna get something.’”

Check out some free-to-watch full-length matches from Aron Stevens’ career below, as well as his recent “wedding” with May Valentine on NWA Powerrr:

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UWN Primetime Live #3 — September 29, 2020

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WrestlePro — June 11, 2016

Damien Sandow vs. Dolph Ziggler

WWE Battleground — October 6, 2013

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