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Steve Maclin: Teaming With Deonna Purrazzo Would Be Fun, But It Needs To Be Organic And Make Sense

Steve Maclin could be a good ‘Virtuoso’ but he’s not interested in a pairing with Deonna Purrazzo unless it makes sense.


During a recent interview with WrestleZone, Steve Maclin spoke about his real-life relationship with Deonna Purrazzo and how they’ve been asked numerous times if they would ever team up together. Putting a spin on that question, Maclin was asked if he’d be interested in a gimmick swap with her. Maclin said it would certainly be entertaining to take that on, and it would be a lot of fun whenever it happens.

“Would it be entertaining to do her side?  Yes, but we’re very much yin and yang in that there’s a lot of things that you can see in both of us where I can do a little more of the technical from her side—just don’t have to right now,” Maclin noted, “and she can do a little more of the violence, even though she is pretty violent in the ring as well.

“But for my side, if we were to team up, that would be more or less if the story and the time was right,” Maclin added. “We don’t want to just force things and do things. I hate that in wrestling. I want it to be organic and actually happen for a reason. When the time comes, I think it will be a lot of fun. We’ve chatted about it too, and it’s the number one thing both of us want, and that’s to make it make sense.”

Steve Maclin also spoke about competing in more of IMPACT’s hallmark match types and how he could make them his own. Maclin competed in Barbed Wire Massacre before and he says Ultimate X or Lockdown would be a fun test.

“If you’re looking for more moments or more matches with stipulations, I would say either Ultimate X, Lethal Lockdown would be another one. Really, I’ve really been wanting to get in a cage and whenever that can happen down the road, I would love to be in a cage match just because I feel like that’s my kind of realm,” Maclin said. “If you’re locked inside a cage with me, there’s a lot of things that I can figure out to do and kind of manipulate and torture somebody inside a cage where you can’t get away. It’s when the time is right and not trying to force a moment nowadays is very much done in wrestling where people are trying to create a moment where things don’t happen so organically.

“You go into these matches, and I try to plan, and sometimes things happen organically and that’s what creates moments. That’s what we loved in the Attitude Era when things would happen, or even the old IMPACT days with Ultimate X. You see these things for the first time ever, you’re like, ‘Holy crap.’ And then people go out and try to replicate it and it doesn’t have the same feeling,” he added. “So it’s just finding something new and trying to make it work for you, and not just give that ‘wow’ factor, that moment factor. I think I’ve been doing a pretty good job so far implementing myself into IMPACT history.”

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