Joe Hendry Proclaims Matt Cardona & Brian Myers ‘Edge’s B*ches’

Man, that’s one catchy jingle.

On the most recent episode of IMPACT Wrestling, Joe Hendry challenged Matt Cardona to a match for the Digital Media Championship. While it may be unconventional for the champion to challenge a challenger, Hendry was also quick to antagonize Matt Cardona and Brian Myers.

To the tune of Heaven is a Place on Earth, Joe Hendry showed a music video mocking Cardona and Myers for their love of wrestling action figures and even joked about Matt willingly ignoring his wife, Chelsea Green, to play with action figures alongside Brian Myers.

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The hook of this song is unforgettable. “To me, you will always be Edge’s bitch.” Referencing Cardona and Myers’ earliest days as Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder.

Joe Hendry even provided old pictures of the former Tag Team Champions from back when they were paired with Edge.

Of course, this incensed both men, but more than anything, it’s proof that first impressions matter and that no matter what, you never outgrow someone’s first impression of you. A valuable life lesson from “The Prestigious One.”

Sure it might sting that he said Matt Cardona looks nearly twice his age, and being made fun of for your hobbies is never fun. Still, unfortunately for Cardona and Myers, they have to live with the fact that, to some people, they peaked in 2008, essentially making them the wrestling equivalent of MySpace or Metro Station.

Truly soul-crushing.

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