Sami Zayn Has Been Meaning To Text Bret Hart For 3 Or 4 Years

Sami Zayn
Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Sami Zayn really should reach out to Bret Hart.

During a new interview with Ariel Helwani of BT Sport, Sami Zayn was asked about his admiration for Bret Hart. Helwani asked if Sami heard from Hart about the current run he’s on in WWE, and he said “not really.” Sami said he should reach out, but he knows there are already plenty of people singing Bret’s praises.

“That’s on me. I’ve been meaning to text him for about three, four years. Yeah. [laughs] Somebody gave me his phone number and I thought to myself that I just want to text him and let him know how much he means, or meant, to me,” Sami explained. “And not only me, but our entire generation of workers.

“But now, like everyone in AEW is constantly talking about Bret and I’m like, ‘OK, at least he knows.’ You know what I mean? He doesn’t need to hear it from me, but he knows,” Sami said. “He knows we all love him. I’d still like to just tell him one day how much he meant to me and how much of a fan I was. I really should. What am I doing? Life is short, I’m finding that out more and more lately, so I really, really should… I’m just not a big texter. It’s a lie, I kinda do text, but I kinda don’t reach out to people, either.”

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