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Austin Theory: Dropping The MITB Briefcase Allowed Me To Branch Out And Have More Freedom

Austin Theory has enjoyed getting a chance to flex his creative muscles a bit more.

During an interview with Denise Salcedo for Instinct Culture, Austin Theory was asked about the differences in working with Vince McMahon and Triple H. Theory said he benefitted from his time with both, but really feels like dropping the Money In The Bank briefcase allowed him to branch out more under Triple H’s direction.


“I feel like — and I was thinking about this a lot — the trajectory of my start on the main roster, going from knowing not so much to now being in a position where there is a lot of pressure and there is a lot on my plate, but learning all of that so quick. I think where I find myself is being able to adapt with having more creativity with Triple H. I think it’s hard for me to say because during my time with Mr. McMahon and him in a creative position, as I was growing, it’s almost like we were trying to develop a character and a mold and now I think that when Triple H came in and we had the briefcase go away, we had something that we could start creativity on and it started letting me branch out and have that freedom with segments and promos. I think overall, and looking back at both ways, they both benefitted me great but I think now, especially with Triple H just having that trust in me and that creativity process being available to stretch, it’s great.”

Theory also said that he’s noticed his promo work has gotten better and he feels like he comes off as being more authentic now.

“It’s crazy; you don’t ever get used to anything. Everything always changes, there’s always something that is a higher achievement or something you can be better at, but I would said promos is something that I’ve noticed, being able to take a promo and re-write it, being able to dissect it and change it up with a writer and really be able to come up with the same kind of message or what the story is, but how I would say it so it comes off more authentic. I think being out there and getting that reaction with the crowd, being able to play with them and have that involvement, it’s fun but it’s also having that creativity for sure.”

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