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Bray Wyatt On The Pitch Black Match: It’s Cool Being In A Situation Where I Don’t Know What To Expect

Bray Wyatt has no idea what he’s getting into at WWE Royal Rumble.

After returning to WWE in October, Bray Wyatt is officially set to make his in-ring return at the Royal Rumble where he will take on LA Knight in the first-ever Pitch Black match. The bout will mark Wyatt’s first televised match in nearly two years. Wyatt recently spoke to Ryan Satin on Out of Character about how he’s feeling ahead of the return.


“There is a certain reluctancy to me, where there hasn’t been in the past,” Wyatt said. “It’s part of any athlete when you’re away from something for so long. There is something in the back of your head that is like, ‘Am I still it? Am I still what I am? What I should be?’ For the majority since I’ve been back, I was kind of there in a sense, and as the weeks have progressed, I’ve started to come into my own again and remember why I do this and how much it means to be out there and perform at things like the Royal Rumble. The closer I’ve gotten, I’ve started to sink my teeth into being what I should be.”

Just hours out from the event, there are still plenty of questions regarding what a Pitch Black match will be. At the time of the interview, even Wyatt remained in the dark on that.

“I think that’s kind of the beauty of it is usually in these kinds of situations, there’s all this crazy mysticism surrounding it, and it all seems to be derived from my mind. But this one is not like that,” Wyatt stated. “It’s kind of cool being thrust in a position where I genuinely don’t know what a Pitch Black match will be like. I’ve been assured that it’s unlike anything that’s ever been seen before, and I can’t imagine that. I love to innovate.

“I love to take risks and do things that everyone else wouldn’t dare to do because I’m half an idiot and half a genius, I guess. I have no idea, and I think that’s exciting for me. It’s cooler that way. I’d rather walk into the unknown. It’s what I’m best at I think.”

Wyatt ‘s match with Knight is being sponsored by Mountain Dew’s new Pitch Black flavor, and Bray noted that he sees this aspect of the bout as a huge opportunity.

“I think it has to be big. I’ve never been a part of something like this when we have sponsors and things like that,” Wyatt said. “I’m not the guy. I’m the devil monster man that’s in the back who does his own thing and you’re alone. So it’s pretty cool to be a part of something like this just to see what it becomes because sky’s the limit. It’s crazy, you know, what budget, whatever. It’s gonna be wild.”

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