Roman Reigns Retains, Turns On Sami Zayn At 2023 Royal Rumble
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Roman Reigns Retains, Turns On Sami Zayn At 2023 Royal Rumble

The Bloodline has officially fractured.

Following his WWE Championship and WWE Universal Championship retention in a victory over Kevin Owens at WWE’s Royal Rumble, Sami Zayn stunned the WWE Universe, turning on Roman Reigns and kickstarting a shocking end to the show. The match closed out the show, and saw Roman Reigns eventually come away with a victory after delivering a series of brutal head slams into the steel chairs outside of the ring. Once back in the ring, Reigns closed it out with a Spear.


Once the match was over, however, Reigns then instructed the members of The Bloodline to get into the ring, and all of them took turns beating up Owens. After some time, Paul Heyman then handed Reigns a pair of handcuffs, who then proceeded to cuff Owens to the rope and continue his assault. Eventually, Reigns picked up a chair and went to end things, forcing Sami to step in and stop him. With Zayn pleading for him to stop and Reigns clearly angry, “The Tribal Chief” then handed Zayn the chair, and told him to do it, while screaming that he loved Zayn and that they were family to him.

With the crowd chanting his name and Zayn already unsure what to do, Reigns began to shove and scream at Zayn, and he eventually snapped, hitting Reigns in the back in a moment similar to when Seth Rollins betrayed Reigns years ago. The move stunned the crowd and The Bloodline, and while Jey Uso got emotional in front of Zayn, Jimmy Uso quickly hit him with a superkick. Solo Sikoa then stepped in, and the family began attacking Zayn, ripping the “Honorary Uce” shirt off of his body in the process.

However, when it was time for Jey Uso to step in, the superstar couldn’t do it. Instead, the Bloodline member that had taken the longest to accept Zayn and just last week told him he loved him like a brother couldn’t do it, and rolled out of the ring. An angry Reigns screamed at him to come back, but Jey eventually walked up the ramp and away from his family, who did some more damage to Zayn before leaving in a much more broken state than they arrived.

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