Bray Wyatt The Undertaker WWE RAW
Image Credit: WWE

Bray Wyatt On Interaction With Undertaker: ‘It’s Like A Gratification’

WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt defeated LA Knight in the Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match over the weekend at the Royal Rumble and spoke with the media after the show.

When asked again about his interaction with The Undertaker at RAW XXX, Bray Wyatt got emotional. He said “It was so important that everyone knows its important. It’s the kind of thing that only I get to have, you know? It’s something for me, something for my children to see down the line. It’s just like a gratification, something that all your hard work and all the years you’ve been compared to him even though you didn’t ask for it.”

Continuing on, Wyatt said he knows he will never be The Undertaker and would never try to be. He said, “I think everyone in the world finally understands that I’m never gonna be him. I never tried to be him, why would anyone be him? He’s the only Undertaker. It’s not even only that moment you know, that’s a beautiful moment. But just him being him and kind of just confiding in me, telling me things, helping me along the way, It’s always been that way. That was the first public moment of it. It’s a powerful moment.”

Bray would also comment that he was satisfied with the way the match turned out with LA Knight. You can watch Wyatt making these comments below.

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