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Jordan Clearwater: Working For NWA Is Like Living My Childhood Dream Out On TV

The boyhood dream has come true for NWA World Television Champion Jordan Clearwater.

Clearwater has wrestled for Championship Wrestling, UWN, and NJPW STRONG, and he has gradually risen to prominence with the National Wrestling Alliance. In 2022, he reached a new high when he beat AJ Cazana at NWA Hard Times 3 to win the NWA World Television Championship, which has been held by stars like Ricky Starks, Tyrus, Da Pope, and Zicky Dice. He remains featured as a member of Idolmania Sports Management alongside Tyrus, Cyon, Austin Idol., and BLK Jeez.

In an interview with WrestleZone, Clearwater reflected on his journey with the NWA, which began when he faced Nick Aldis at NWA Shockwave in 2020. Since then, “The Golden Boy” has climbed the ladder and cemented his status as one of the company’s brightest stars. He stated that working for the NWA is like living a dream as it has been his goal for a long time. He noted that he felt like his style fit with the NWA, and his match against Aldis set the stage for his promising future with the company.

“It’s like living a dream,” Clearwater said. “I have always loved and appreciated wrestling, but the NWA holds a special place in all of our hearts as fans, to respect the lineage and the history of where everything came from. I was in the industry for some time, and I had done a podcast like this and said to one of the guys, ‘What’s your big goal for this year?’ I said, ‘I want to wrestle for the NWA.’

“I think Jordan Clearwater, ‘The Golden Boy’, it makes sense. My style just makes sense. It fits with the NWA. So to be able to have that match with Nick [Aldis], to have that foot in the door, for that match to go pretty well, for Nick to be such a great human to me behind the scenes, it set a great stage for me and a great expectation for what was to come at the NWA.”

Clearwater went on to emphasize that he has never had a bad experience with the company, and he stated that the locker room is top notch. He also repeated that if his career ended today, he’d be happy because he got the chance to live his dream.

“Of course, I’m confident in my abilities,” Clearwater said. “I knew that I’d always be a champion at the NWA, but I didn’t realize that it would happen in just under a year and a half. I’m still relatively new to the programming, when you think of people like Tim Storm or even a Nick Aldis, or a lot of the people that paved the way before me.

“It’s been like living a dream. I’ve never had a bad experience with the NWA. The locker room is second to none, and Billy Corgan’s leadership is definitely one that’s easy to get behind. So it’s like living my childhood dream out on television. If it all ended today, god forbid, I’d be a pretty happy person.”

The first-ever live episode of NWA Powerrr will air live on NWA’s YouTube channel on January 31. WrestleZone will have coverage of the show as it airs.

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