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The Rock Responds To Travis Kelce’s Promo From The AFC Championship Game

Travis Kelce channeled The Rock Sunday night following the AFC Championship game in Kansas City, and the former WWE Superstar loved it.

The Great One appreciated Travis Kelce’s promo following the AFC Championship game and took to social media to put over the NFL player, tweeting out:


“My boy said what he said. I appreciate the venomous “shut yo” over formal “shut your” *crying laughing emoji* *fist bump emoji* *trophy emoji* @tkelce,” The Rock posted.

The Rock’s comments didn’t go unanswered as the Kansas City Chiefs tight end responded to the former WWE Superstar. Responding with:

“Ayyyeeee *two hands raised emojis* some of the realest words ever spoken!! Thought I’d relay the message *face with tears of joy emoji*,” Travis Kelce said in response.

Dwayne Johnson is no stranger to football and has been investing a lot of his time in it as of late, as he will help relaunch the XFL next month on ESPN, ABC, and FX.

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What do you make of The Rock’s comments? Do you have a favorite in the Super Bowl this year? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.