Report: All Elite Wrestling Considering Streaming Service Partnership With Warner Bros. Discovery

All Elite Wrestling could finally be getting a streaming home of its own.

Bloomberg recently profiled Tony Khan and in the feature, it noted that All Elite Wrestling is considering a streaming service deal that would be linked to Warner Bros. Discovery. WBD is the parent owner of TBS and TNT, where AEW Dynamite and Rampage currently air. Warner is also the owner of Bleacher Report, where AEW pay-per-views currently air.


From Bloomberg:

“In March, Khan acquired the small but respected pro wrestling company Ring of Honor from Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. for an undisclosed sum, adding a new crop of wrestlers, some intellectual property and an extensive video library. AEW is also considering starting a streaming service, likely through a deal with its broadcast partner, Warner Bros. Discovery Inc., according to a person familiar with management’s thinking, who asked not to be named. Last year, AEW broke $100 million in annual revenue for the first time, the person says.”

In the past, Tony Khan has been open about speaking with WarnerMedia (former name of WBD) and AEW working together on a streaming service, telling Rasslin’s Brandon F. Walker that a streaming service would be a great opportunity for the company.

“I’m trying to build the library up. We’ve done over 100 episodes of Dynamite [over] two years, we run every week, we’ve done 104 episodes of Dynamite now. We’ve done ten pay-per-views plus the streaming specials. I have something that nobody’s ever seen before, ‘The House Always Wins’, which is a pay-per-view-level card with all the top stars of AEW in action,” Khan explained, “and it was done in Jacksonville in front of the fans in the pandemic, with open-air, totally spaced out crowd, but it was something I’ve been saving. It’s a great show that nobody has seen.

“It’s going to be available, and all of the pay-per-views, we’ve done 104 episodes of Dynamite, now we have the Rampage library building up,” Khan noted. “Thank you for asking that, because it’s going to be soon.”

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