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Shawn Michaels Has His Fingers Crossed For A Roster Shakeup Around WrestleMania

shawn michaels nxt vengeance day media call

Shawn Michaels sees big things in Alba Fyre‘s future but doesn’t have any control over when she might be called up to the WWE main roster.


Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels hosted the NXT Vengeance Day Media Call to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about Alba Fyre and if she’s potentially ready for the WWE main roster, Michaels said he’s a fan of Alba Fyre but doesn’t have any control when someone gets called up to RAW or SmackDown.

“So obviously, I’m a fan. Also, again, I will say this; at different times we’ve been thrown some different curveballs here, and I have to try to do my best to get wood on as many of them as I can,” Shawn Michael said. “And in her situation, obviously, from coming over here from the UK, changed midway through so we tried to adjust to that and anytime you make those adjustments, whether it’s a name change or a character change, there’s obviously a rough period that you go through before it smooths out.

“And I just feel like again, to answer your question. I think the future is very bright for her, as you know, call-ups and things like that are not my call. I will say this, and I understand that sometimes fans can get impatient or a certain person has been there so long, they gotta get called up. Time doesn’t make someone always better, you know what I mean? It doesn’t make them a better worker sometimes. And that is not a prerequisite to being moved up. There has to be somebody that sees a spot, an opportunity, a storyline. ”

Shawn Michaels finished his answer by teasing that there could potentially be some roster shakeups around WrestleMania and that he has his fingers crossed for it to happen.

“So look, hopefully, those things do work out for her and quite honestly for me, quite a few others down here,” Shawn Michaels continued. “And look, I’ll say this I got my fingers crossed that maybe around Wrestlemania we’ll be having some talks about something, and some shakeups and some rosters, but as I say right now, I just do the job I’m told to do and do the best job I can.”

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