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Chris Jericho Hopes AEW Re-Signs Brian Cage: He Is One Of A Kind

Chris Jericho is very impressed with the work of Brian Cage as of late and is hopeful that Tony Khan signs him to a new contract soon.

All Elite Wrestling‘s Chris Jericho recently sat down with Matty Paddock of the Daily Star to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about Brian Cage’s contract expiring soon, The Ocho made his case of why he believes the company should re-sign him.

“I think Brian Cage over the last six months is the best Brian Cage has ever been,” Chris Jericho explained. “I think he’s finally starting to understand some of the psychology of wrestling rather than just moves and that sort of thing. He is one of a kind with his size and agility, but now there is more intensity and I think he’s really understanding who he is as a wrestler. Six months ago I might have said ‘Well, whatever, if he says that’s cool’, but now I think he has become a way more valuable part of our roster and I would sign him for sure. Absolutely.”

When it was suggested that Brian Cage didn’t get the opportunity to properly showcase himself earlier on in his All Elite Wrestling career, Jericho disagreed with that and chalked it up to taking a while for things to click for him. Jericho believes things didn’t click with him personally until 2008.

“You’re always given opportunities in the business, like for me – when did I really become Chris Jericho? I’d say 2008 – that’s 18 years into [my time in] the business, when I did that feud with Shawn Michaels. That’s when I really got it, Chris Jericho revealed. “I had already been Undisputed Champion and all that other stuff, but that’s when it really hit me, what wrestling is all about.

“You can look at all the stuff prior; debuting against The Rock and the matches I had, they’re all good, but nothing from that time period is as good as the stuff I did in 2008, that’s just my opinion. So, it takes a while for guys to get it. So ‘flying under the radar?’ – I don’t see that. You have to figure stuff out on your own and that’s what makes you great. If you can stick it all together… I think everybody has their individual journey on how to get there. It does take some time but once you lock it in and you have that confidence, nothing can stop you.”

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What do you make of Chris Jericho’s comments? Do you think All Elite Wrestling should sign Brian Cage to a new contract? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.